Ostéo Médica

4741, boul des Laurentides

Laval, QC H7K 2Z6



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Osteopathic clinic - Laval

High quality ​​​​​​
osteopathic care

Osteo Médica is the only osteopathic clinic in Laval accredited by the Qualita network, thus meeting the highest standards of quality and safety in osteopathy

By choosing Osteo Médica, you are assured of receiving first-rate osteopathic care, as well as massage therapy and physiotherapy.

We offer a comprehensive and unique treatment plan that provides effective and natural solutions to help you maintain and regain balance in your life.

Osteopathy for infants Laval

The only osteopathy centre accredited by the Qualita network in Laval

Located in Laval, Ostéo Médica offers

QUALIFIED, COMPETENT, RIGOROUS osteopaths who are committed to their profession.


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Experienced and passionate

Our therapists have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and have precise and effective techniques that work on both the cause and effects of your stress. All our therapists share a passion for the work they do, and a drive to offer the best services possible.

You will benefit from a personalised treatment by our experienced practitioners in a professional and modern setting.

A thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiognomy

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We offer targeted osteopathic care for infants, children, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly.


Our osteopathic care is effective and reduces muscular, articular, ligamentary and visceral discomfort.


Our osteopaths have all completed a minimum of 4700 hours of full-time training and regularly update their skills. As a guarantee of quality, our osteopaths are all accredited by Osteopathy Quebec and by the Qualita network.

CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION AT 450-963-1919 OR AT Info@cliniqueosteomedica.com

Our goal is to restore mobility and function to your body.